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Rush Limbaugh - Summary

Rush Limbaugh's role in the present political struggle between conservatives & liberals is examined.  This includes the damage that the conservative talk radio host has done to liberals and countermeasures the liberals might use to control him.



This is not a complete biography of  Rush Limbaugh's life, just the elements that are pertinent to the conservative - liberal struggle.

As the midterm elections of 2006 approached,  Limbaugh was thrust into the foreground of the political debate by his vicious verbal attack on actor and Parkinson's-victim, Michael J. Fox.

With his assertions, Limbaugh thrust himself into the midterm elections spotlight as a player.  After the Democrats cleaned house in the 2006 midterm elections, the Republicans first appeared to be trying to make Limbaugh a scapegoat of the election.  But, soon, all was forgiven and Rush was back ranting against Obama and favorite target - Hillary Clinton. 

In the 2008 presidential race, Limbaugh became trapped, early on, in the general election due to his adamant opposition to Senator McCain as the Republican presidential nominee.  Later, he recovered and spent his time attacking Obama.

Rush Limbaugh is Mr. Conservative to his many followers!   He is, without a doubt, America's most famous conservative radio talk show host.  Twenty million "ditto-heads" listen to his daily three-hour radio shows and they then, mindlessly, repeat his ranting to friends etc.  A very influential person.  He is the soul of the conservative movement.



  Ranting of Rush Limbaugh



I used to laugh at Rush Limbaugh and his right-wing ranting.  To me, he represented a small group of  conservative fanatics who, under our freedom of speech laws, deserve to have their own mouthpiece as other political groups do.  This is true of conservative, liberal, left wing, and off-shoot political groups.  I still believe they should all have the right of freedom of speech. 

I only hope the conservatives continue to give the rest of us equal rights of free speech if they are able to take control of the government.  Down here in Louisiana, that is not the case.  Two days after the  2006 midterm elections, the conservatives, who control the radio media in Louisiana, essentially, eliminated progressive radio in the region.  You now either listen to Rush Limbaugh,  Limbaugh reruns, or get yourself a short wave radio. 


Is Limbaugh a Joke?


I used to laugh at Rush Limbaugh but I don't laugh at Limbaugh anymore.   I realize now that I had underestimated his hold on a large part of the American people.  I thought that most of them were also laughing at Rush.  I should have known better.  I saw my fellow employees religiously listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio throughout the day;  I  heard them repeating Rush's quotes and his oft-repeated philosophy day after day.  I  heard them repeat Limbaugh's countless tales of Clinton and liberal horrors over the years and had seen the smiles of agreement. 

The truth is the signs were all there but I chose to ignore them. 

I should have known that it was only a matter of time until many of the American people would adopt Rush Limbaugh as their hero?  Limbaugh takes no prisoners and a large part of the unwashed masses love that. Thumbs down instead of Churchill's "V for victory" is their favorite expression!

It also appears that the Democrats, for many years, underestimated the ability of Limbaugh to brain-wash the American people.

Rush Limbaugh is the heart and soul of the conservative movement and of the Republican Party.



Rush Limbaugh - Biography. 


Rush Limbaugh, the king of conservative talk radio, was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1951.  His father was a successful attorney in the area.  His father was also an  outspoken conservative and, obviously instilled this philosophy in his two sons.  (Rush's brother, David, is also a political commentator.)

Limbaugh's - Childhood.  Rush Limbaugh was a shy, serious child appearing much older than his compatriots.  He was a little chubby, not very popular, and did not date much.  He did play sports, however, and he was on the debate team.  He kept up with the news and was very well-informed.  From an early age, Rush showed a great interest in being a disc jockey and used to play-act one.  At age 16, while still in high school, he began to work as a part-time disc jockey at Radio Station KGMO.  He loved the work.  Behind the microphone, Rush was confident and assertive - qualities which he did not possess away from the microphone.  The microphone became his life.

Limbaugh Goes to College.  At his father's urging,  Limbaugh tried college - South Missouri State - but became frustrated with it and dropped out after three semesters.  His father was not happy. 


Rush Limbaugh's Career

Limbaugh's Early Radio Career.  After college, Rush jumped immediately back into radio as a news announcer and failed at several radio stations because he would not follow the script and insisted on throwing in his own analysis.  He did manage to hang on for three years at KUDL in Kansas City because he was allowed to pretty much do his own show with commentary.  He finally did lose this job also. 

Kansas City Royals.  In 1970, Rush's multiple firings from radio got the best of him and he went to work with the Kansas City Royals where he eventually became Director of Group Sales and Special Events. 

Rush Limbaugh's Big Breaks - KFBK and WABC.  In 1983, Limbaugh decided to return to radio again as a political commentator at KMBZ in Kansas City.  Again, he was fired for not following the script.  He then got his big break when KFBK in Sacramento needed someone for a talk show.  KFBK did a great job of backing up Limbaugh and his talk show's audience grew at an impressive rate.   After several years of this top notch performance, he got a chance for a national audience (55 radio stations) with the New York station, WABC.  His conservative talk show on WABC took off and the rest is history.  Rush Limbaugh is now a radio legend in his own time.  He is the king of  conservative talk radio and also the leader of the conservative movement.

Limbaugh and the School of Hard Knocks - The point of going over his long work record is to show that Rush Limbaugh is not a farm boy that just fell off a turnip truck in front of a radio station and was offered a big talk radio host job when he wandered up to the station.  Limbaugh did not have his position given to him by his fairy godmother.  No, he is a true professional who has learned his trade in the school of hard knocks (please, conservatives, don't ask me again where the school of hard knocks is located!).   Limbaugh is in the work he likes to do; he does it the way he likes to do it; and, he takes great pride in his work. 

(Note:  the fact that I like his work ethic does not mean I agree with his politics or his morals.  However, it does explain why he is the successful professional he is - he worked for it!)


Rush Limbaugh and World Affairs


Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly thrust himself into U.S. world affairs.  For example, he maintains the French in World War 2 were cowards.  He also attacked the French for not participating in the U.S. occupation of Iraq.  Once again, time has proven that Rush didn't really know what he was talking about with his French comments.  But he is still almost worshipped by conservatives, even conservatives in my home state of Louisiana which is almost one-half of French heritage.    I was shocked to see my fellow Louisiana citizens willing to denounce their French heritage because Limbaugh doesn't like the French.  They even talked of renaming the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Fortunately, the issue died away as President Bush's Iraq War debacle unfolded.

Rush also has pretended to be a "war strategy expert" even though he never served in any military organization.  He is batting "0" in the war expert category as his observations almost always prove 100% wrong.  Unfortunately, the Bush Administration military folks appeared to have paid close attention to Limbaugh's observations. 





Rush Limbaugh and the Elections of 2004, 2006, and 2008. 


To deflate or derail Limbaugh was not going to be easy for the liberals and moderates in the Elections of 2004 and 2006.  Their work was cut out for them.  Still, they had no choice.  To win, they had to bring the big boy down.  The Democrats failed to do so in 2004 and that election is history.  Even in 2006, the Republicans made so many mistakes that Limbaugh escaped most of the blame for the debacle.  In the presidential election of 2008, Rush became almost a non-factor due to his adamant opposition to Senator McCain and his childish attempts to play Hillary Clinton supporters off against Senator Obama.

But Rush still thrives in talk radio!

Limbaugh is the very heart and soul of the conservative movement - you hear all the conservative dogma on his show first, then his ditto-head followers spread it by word of mouth through the offices and homes of the land.   Many Democrats still don't get it.  There are a lot of ditto-heads out there and they all love the big fellow.  Twenty million ditto-heads can't be all wrong.  No, the Democrats are going to have to keep the big boy down if they  want to win future elections. 



"Why, we could even survive without any owls.  So what if they are no longer around to kill the mice.  We'll just build more traps.  Either that or we'll breed more cats."    Rush Limbaugh, "The Way Things Ought To Be"



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Conclusions for Rush Limbaugh - Conservative


Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio show host, is the very heart and soul of the conservative movement and of the Republican Party, and the Democrats are still having a problem facing up to the damage he has done to them.  Democrats, he is not a buffoon!  Rush Limbaugh, conservative, has 20 million ditto-heads hanging on his every word! 


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