Louisiana Politicians Ranking


Louisiana Politician Rankings - 2017 .

Politics in  Louisiana  & New Orleans politics is the subject of this web page.    Politics at both the Louisiana state level and the New Orleans city level were greatly influenced for many years by  the tragic hurricane Katrina event in 2005 and the reaction of elected Louisiana officials to it.  Louisiana Politics has also been greatly affected by the on-going fierce struggle in national politics between conservstives and liberals. Louisiana has become an extremely conservative state (red state!)

For a discussion of the ongoing national struggle between conservatives and liberals,   see (conservatism vs. liberalism).    Yes, the liberals and conservatives are now at each other's throats in Louisiana although the state was long a bastion of populism and was not as strong on the conservative - liberal debate as in other states.  That is changing rapidly now and the state is strongly in the conservative camp.  Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the Republicans can do no wrong in Louisiana.

Louisiana Politics has had its share of famous politicians in the past.  There was, of course, Governor/Senator Huey Long,  Governor Earl Long, Senator Russell Long, Governor Edwin Edwards and, of course, David Duke.  Louisiana's leading political figures of the present era are listed (and ranked) below: 

Louisiana Politicians Ranking

1.  Governor  John Bell Edwards (D)Incredibly, Edwards, a Democrat, was able to defeat Republican Senator Dave Vitter in conservative stronghold Louisiana. Edwards was helped by Vitter's extensive public whoring record but Edwards, a West Point graduate, helped himself with some clever campaigning and some useful alliances (including with Republicans) he formed.


2. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D)- Former Senator Mary Landrieu's brother.  Seems to have quite a bit of the family's political talents.  He won the New Orlean's mayor's office by a huge majority.

Mitch Landrieu has become the top-dog Democrat (next to Governor Edwards, of course) in Louisiana Politics. He is even rumored to be a potential Democratic presidential candidate in 2020.

3. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry - Landry, a thorn in Governor Edwards side and probably Edwards's main opponent for reelection in three years

4. Senator Bill Cassidy (R). Cassidy, a physician by profession defeated Mary Landrieu in 2014.

5. Senator John Kennedy(R) - Formerly, a very active State Treasurer. Seems to have an excellent knowledge of Louisiana fiscal matters.

6. Representative Steve Scalise(R) - Republican Whip in U.S. House of Representatives. Recently. seriously wounded by gunshot.

7.  Louisiana Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne (R) - Another well-thought-of state official. Close ally of Governor Edwards.

8.  John Georges - New Orleans businessman ran for the Governorship in 2007 as an Independent.   Present owner of Morning Advocate so he can financially support a political campaign.

Georges also ran for New Orleans Mayor in 2009-2010. Despite spending a ton of money on the race, Georges finished a distant second to Mitch Landrieu.

 8.  Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell(D)

9.  James Carville. A master Democratic campaign strategist, author, and political commentator

10.  Carolyn Fayard (D). Fayard has run several impressive but unsuccessful political races. Her family has many political contacts. She can raise money!

11.  Donna Brazil. Democratic Organizer and TV commentator


Conclusions  of  Louisiana Politics  


The politics of Louisiana leave a lot to be desired but the politics has improved immensely over the past few years.  The state may yet crawl past some some states whose political systems are even worse than this state.  The rebuilding of New Orleans after Katrina will have a great impact on the state moving upwards. .




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